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We are a team of independent artists and we’re taking our first steps in the NFT world.
Under the Crypto Titans project, we are introducing a new, exciting universe to you.

You can now meet The Jacobson, first (and definitely not last),
100% hand-drawn character, from the amazing world that we’re creating.

we are glad that you are here




1999 titans | Price: 0.19 SOL




face name rarity
smile ?
sad ?
smile black&white ?


headgear name rarity
santa ?
yellow bandana ?
blue bandana ?
red bandana ?
viking ?
orc mask ?
gold&red helmet ?
gold helmet ?
purple&red helmet ?
viking black&white ?
orc mask black&white ?
helmet black&white ?
none ?


legs name rarity
yellow ?
blue ?
purple ?
shorts ?
hobbit ?
black&white ?
hobbit black&white ?


shoes name rarity
regular red&blue ?
regular yellow&blue ?
regular yellow ?
regular purple ?
sport ?
regular black&white ?
sport black&white ?
none ?


top name rarity
blue&red shirt ?
red shirt ?
purple shirt ?
yellow&red shirt ?
yellow shirt ?
blue suit ?
purple suit ?
yellow suit ?
hulk ?
black&white shirt ?


buckle name rarity
purple star ?
gold star ?
burger ?
teddy ?
heart ?
gold skull ?
black&white skull ?
none ?


weapon name rarity
sparta ?
gold boxing gloves ?
purple boxing gloves ?
red boxing gloves ?
sword&shield ?
bananachako ?
fork&spoon ?
fork&spoon black&white ?


background name rarity
armageddon ?
ruins ?
ruins black&white ?
village ?
village vlack&white ?
rocks ?
rocks2 ?
blueish ?
reddish ?
graveyard ?
graveyard black&white ?
blue ?
red ?
yellow ?
paper ?
none ?


frame name rarity
wooden ?
regular ?
sketched ?
symbols ?
none ?


signature name rarity
yes ?
none ?


DONE: hand-drawing characters and unique assets

we’ve already created the character of „Jacobson" and over 90 assets (like his headgear or clothing) that together make up to 1999 unique NFTs

DONE: building website

the website you’re now viewing is ready to start minting

UPCOMING: minting

our mint will be ready December 6 2021, 11:00 AM (PST) / 7:00 PM (UTC) / 2:00 PM (EST)

buying back & burning

a week after the mint we’re planning to buy back some titans and burn them

Meet: ???

this is not the end, you can expect other characters from our universe


„Crypto Titans: The Jacobson” is a collection of 1999 uniquely designed NFTs, stored on the blockchain, generated from 100% hand-drawn components. They can be kept securely in your solana wallet as a NFT asset that you can sell or trade

The NFTs can be minted here, and we are pre-approved on MagicEden and our NFT collection will be released after the mint!

It will be minted for 0.19 SOL

Our mint will be ready on December 6 2021, 11:00 AM (PST) / 7:00 PM (UTC) / 2:00 PM (EST)

Yes, there is a standard 5% royalty when selling on a secondary market. We will use part of this to buy back and burn some Crypto Titans, making them deflationary and more valuable

You will be able to use Solana’s main wallets: Phantom, Sollet and Solflare

We’re planning to run a Discord server exclusive for Crypto Titans minters